Which mattress spring is better
Which mattress spring is better

Spring mattresses have achieved a very high utilization rate after they were launched on the market. Many people choose spring products when they buy mattresses, mainly because they are cheap, very practical, and use the experience of sleeping. very good. Mattress springs are not just the one we see, but there are many types. People should be able to know the types of mattress springs to ensure that they can be used more. So, what are the types of mattress springs? Let's learn more about this content.

Mattress spring type connected spring type connected spring type uses a spiral iron wire to connect all the individual springs in series to form a spring net. This kind of mattress spring structure is generally common in more traditional spring mattresses, and the design of the mattress is not ergonomic, and it is easy to pull the spring next to it, so that turning over will alarm the partner next to it. Second, the bed of this structure Cushioning springs, sleeping in a fixed position for a long time, sitting on the side of the bed and four corners, or not regularly turning the mattress, can easily cause the spring mattress to dent or deform.

Independent barrel Independent barrel spring refers to a single independent spring is sealed in a fiber bag and then arranged and connected to form a bed net. The springs can operate independently without interfering with each other, achieving ultra-quiet sleep at night and turning over will not affect the partner, effectively improving the sleep quality of sleepers. The spring sealed in the bag can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and moths, and protect the health of sleepers. This kind of independent tube mattress spring structure, althou4gh the independent tube has good material, its arrangement is relatively sparse, the elasticity is not good, the hardness is hard, and it is suitable for people with heavy weight. It is best not to use this kind of mattress for people with moderate or light weight. The honeycomb type honeycomb spring mattress is one of the independent tube mattresses.

The honeycomb spring mattress should also be distinguished from the high support independent tube spring mattress. Their materials and methods are the same, but the honeycomb independent tube spring is special. It is arranged in a staggered arrangement, just like a honey nest built by bees. This spring structure can reduce the gap between the springs and improve the support and elasticity. The honeycomb-style independent cylinders are closely arranged and have excellent supporting ability.

At the same time, it has large elasticity and moderate hardness, suitable for people of different weights. Wire steel A wire steel spring is also called a wire drawing spring. This kind of spring mattress has a unique structure. Its entire mattress core is wound with a steel wire from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, and then connected in parallel to create The uniqueness of the first-line steel mattress. The spring of this structure has a uniform force and a good sense of balance. It can expand and contract appropriately according to the weight and body shape, support the body steadily and evenly, and has a strong sense of comfort.

Advantages of spring mattresses:

1. High-strength non-deformation mattresses are durable consumer goods. Everyone will use them for several years or even more than 10 years after purchase. Every time you turn over or get up during sleep is a test and use of springs. The consumption of life. If a single mattress is used for 10 years, the number of physical deformations of a single spring will exceed 100,000 times. The high-strength titanium alloy spring has excellent flexural properties, so it can still remain as before even after many years of use.

2, anti-corrosion, durable and durable The metal springs used in inferior mattresses will rust with the use of time. Generally speaking, the higher the rust degree of the spring and the heavier the aging degree, the more serious the function attenuation of the original spring will be. Therefore, a mattress made of corrosion-resistant titanium alloy springs is very beneficial to maintain the functionality of the mattress for a long time.

3, light weight and easy to maintain titanium alloy spring mattress is about twice lighter than steel wire spring, in addition to easy transportation, normal maintenance is also extremely convenient. Many mattresses are stated in the maintenance manual. In order to avoid the preference of sleeping direction, the one-side spring is forced to expand and deform due to long time pressure. The mattress needs to be flipped every other month or so. Therefore, there are also double-sided beds on the market. pad. Ordinary mattresses require more than two people to flip, while titanium alloy spring mattresses can be easily flipped by only one adult.

Disadvantages of spring mattresses:

1. Increase the number of spring turns beyond the standard (some increase by one or even two turns). On the surface, the mattress is much thicker, but because the spring exceeds the standard, the life of the mattress is greatly reduced. The spring passes 80,000 times After the durability test, the amount of elastic compression cannot reach the standard (more than 70mm), causing consumers to suffer losses;

2. Low-density foam is filled beyond specifications, and the density of the standard filled foam cannot be less than 22kg per cubic meter. Low-density foam will cause the mattress to collapse quickly after use, and may even cause the spring wire to pierce the cushion surface and injure people.

What are the types of mattress springs? There are many types of spring mattresses. You can compare and see which type is better for you before buying. Spring mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. If you don't want to have a bad experience in using spring mattresses, you should understand their knowledge in detail when buying spring mattresses. Many bedding brands have made spring mattresses. Consumers have many choices when buying spring mattresses. The best for you is the best.

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