How to maintain a home mattress?
How to maintain a home mattress?

Sleep is an important factor to ensure the quality of life. The mattress is the core of sleep. A good quality spring mattress can improve people's quality of life. If the mattress is properly maintained, the life span of the mattress can reach 10-15 years or even longer. The specific mattress maintenance method is also very simple:


  1. Remove the plastic packaging when using the mattress, keep it ventilated and dry, and avoid moisture;


  1. Turn it over regularly. This is the most important point. After buying a mattress, many citizens have hardly moved the place, let alone turned it over. In the first year of use, the new mattress can be flipped up and down every 2-3 months to make the springs of the mattress evenly loaded, and then turn over once every six months.


  1. Use better quality bed sheets.Pure cotton and linen sheets are the best, absorb sweat and are comfortable, and stains are not easy to fall on the mattress.


  1. Keep it clean. The public can clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, or dry it in the sun, but not directly wash it with water or detergent. At the same time, avoid lying on it directly after taking a shower or sweating profusely.


  1. Don't often sit and lie on the edge of the bedto avoid damaging the edge guard springs and the fragile corners.


  1. Don't jump on the bed. At this point, parents need to remind their children to avoid damage to the ambassador spring when a single point is over


  1. Avoid placing the mattress in a place exposed to the sunfor a long time, and use a bed cover to prevent contamination of the mattress.

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