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Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 25 years

Quality mattress

SuiLong factory can produce 30,000 pcs mattress, 80,000 pcs pocket spring, and 400 tons non woven fabrics every month.

Foshan SuiLong Furniture Co.,Ltd

Welcome to SUILONG

Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 25 years. Up to now the factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, nearly 280 workers, monthly mattress output is 30,000 pcs, pocket spring net output is 80,000pcs.Non-woven fabric output is 400 tons.

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

SuiLong has been certificated by ISO9001 and SGS for Quality Management System, also get the CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.
Founded Year
Factory Scale
Mattress Monthly Output
Spring monthly output
Non Woven Fabric monthly output


Founded Year


Factory Scale




Mattress Monthly Output


Spring monthly output


Non-woven fabric production capacity (tons/month)

Only to provide consumers with better service, to create consumer satisfaction with the brand!

Company Advantage

√ 25 years experiences
√ Produce spring and non-woven by ourselves

Customer Advantage

√ Cooperate with customers all over the world, especially Europe, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia.

Production Advantage

√ R&D department
√ Update products and producing machine every year

Product Advantage

√ Over 300 models can be chosen

Technical Advantage

√ Pocket spring machine: 30 sets
√ Non-woven machine: 2 sets
√ Full-automatic roll packing machine: 1 set
√ Read more in Advantage page

Production Advantage

√ Quick response
√ Professional sales team
√ Satisfactory after-sales service

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

We have professional videos of factory and products to show you more information and our strength.

More news about our company, as well as the latest products and exhibition information.

How do I get better sleep

  We spend a third of our lives on sleeping. Not only sleep-deprived people have trouble absorbing new knowledge, they also have trouble remembering things. Lack of sleep also increases the risk of various diseases. There’s a simple truth: the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. So sleep is very important for us. To sleep better, a good mattress is quite necessary. SuiLong focuses on producing and providing a variety of high-quality mattresses, which can meet different requirements of clients.   You may ask, how do I get better sleep? We have three pieces of advice for you.   The first is regularity. Go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, no matter whether it’s the weekday or the weekend. Regularity is king, and it will anchor your sleep and improve the quantity and the quality of that sleep.   The second is keep it cool. Your body needs to drop its core temperature by about two to three degrees Fahrenheit to initiate sleep and then to stay asleep, and it’s the reason you will always find it easier to fall asleep in a room that’s too cold than too hot. So aim for a bedroom temperature of around 65 degrees, or about 18 degrees Celsius. That’s going to be optimal for the sleep of most

Congratulations! The New Non-woven Production Line Started Operation.

On the first day of December in 2020, a good news that our new non-woven production line started operation was spread in Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Congratulations!   Although many companies’ businesses have been greatly affected by Covid-19, our SuiLong company keeps developing steadily. This non-woven production line is our new revolution, it can not only improve our productivity and efficiency, but also can further better control material cost and quality. It will be a symbol of a new chapter and progress in SuiLong history.   SuiLong will keep improving and providing better and better service and support to all customers.

The First Time to Realize the Canton Fair Online Show

During the Covid-19 epidemic, this year Canton Fair changed to show online, an innovative way to allow buyers to check new products through internet without leaving their homes.   Our export sales team spent two months to make full preparation for this online show, successfully held it from June 15 to 24, 2020, and introduced 7 series, 22 new products and hot-selling products through the live broadcast. Our live broadcast attracted new customers to watch and leave message every day, that was a good beginning.   2020 year will be a tough year, but we won’t give up, SuiLong will keep producing good mattresses to every family.