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Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 26 years

Quality mattress

SuiLong factory can produce 30,000 pcs mattress, 80,000 pcs pocket spring, and 400 tons non woven fabrics every month.

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Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 26 years. Up to now the factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, nearly 280 workers, monthly mattress output is 30,000 pcs, pocket spring net output is 80,000pcs.Non-woven fabric output is 400 tons.

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

SuiLong has been certificated by ISO9001 and SGS for Quality Management System, also get the CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Founded Year
Factory Scale
Mattress Monthly Output
Spring monthly output
Non Woven Fabric monthly output


Founded Year


Factory Scale




Mattress Monthly Output


Spring monthly output


Non-woven fabric production capacity (tons/month)

Only to provide consumers with better service, to create consumer satisfaction with the brand!

Company Advantage

√ 26 years experiences
√ Produce spring and non-woven by ourselves

Customer Advantage

√ Cooperate with customers all over the world, especially Europe, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia.

Production Advantage

√ R&D department
√ Update products and producing machine every year

Product Advantage

√ Over 300 models can be chosen

Technical Advantage

√ Pocket spring machine: 30 sets
√ Non-woven machine: 2 sets
√ Full-automatic roll packing machine: 1 set
√ Read more in Advantage page

Production Advantage

√ Quick response
√ Professional sales team
√ Satisfactory after-sales service

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

We have professional videos of factory and products to show you more information and our strength.

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More news about our company, as well as the latest products and exhibition information.

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Hybrid memory foam mattress

Are you looking for a Hybrid memory foam mattress in bulk? Then, SuiLong is offering the ideal collection of Hybrid memory foam mattress at affordable prices.

We are Hybrid memory foam mattress manufacturers and producing top-quality mattresses. Our team of professionals has tested our mattresses. We are testing all our products to maintain the highest quality standards.

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Are you wondering about buying a Cooling memory foam mattress in bulk? Cooling memory foam mattress made in China is ideal for you. Cooling memory foam mattress has a ratio of firmness and softness that is supporting buyers want. With a Cooling memory foam mattress, you will always be right.

Best pillow top mattress

The Best pillow top mattress is the one that is providing the complete comfort from any pain or stress. Memory foam mattress in a box made in China combines high resistance foam and memory foam with a pillow. It will provide you great support with the reviving sleep environment.

But the Best pillow top mattress in bulk!

Best king mattress

Want to buy the Best king mattress at reasonable prices? Buy the Luxury mattress and Cooling mattress topper queen for experiencing extreme comfort. Then, treat yourself to an incredibly relaxing night’s lay down with Custom size mattress made in China.

2000 pocket sprung mattress is ideal for a big room; the extra-large sleeping cushion size is customized to oblige you and your cherished one while never needing space.

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We accept the comfortable sleep can completely change you. As Gel memory foam mattress topper manufacturer, SuiLong, guarantees just the right items get to your room.

SuiLong is here for you with:

Comfortable mattress and pillows

While purchasing the mattress, comfort is the main feature that you may check. As the main producer, our sleeping cushion can easily fit all body types. In addition, we ensure that the bedding upholds all unique positions.

Premium Quality

We manufacture Latex hybrid mattress with first-rate quality and carry the best components into the table while guaranteeing uttermost consumer loyalty. They are carefully created and adapted for your solace and joy.

Extraordinary Services

Top-quality and reasonable prices are the qualities of SuiLong. We are in the field for many years and have served numerous famous organizations. We expect to expand on this achievement and continue to convey quality items to our clients.

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