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Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 27 years

Quality mattress

SuiLong factory can produce 30,000 pcs mattress, 80,000 pcs pocket spring, and 400 tons non woven fabrics every month.

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Foshan SuiLong Furniture Company Limited is founded in 1996, professionally producing mattress for 27 years. Up to now the factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, nearly 280 workers, monthly mattress output is 30,000 pcs, pocket spring net output is 80,000pcs.Non-woven fabric output is 400 tons.

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

SuiLong has been certificated by ISO9001 and SGS for Quality Management System, also get the CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Founded Year
Factory Scale
Mattress Monthly Output
Spring monthly output
Non Woven Fabric monthly output


Founded Year


Factory Scale




Mattress Monthly Output


Spring monthly output


Non-woven fabric production capacity (tons/month)

Only to provide consumers with better service, to create consumer satisfaction with the brand!

Company Advantage

√ 27 years experiences
√ Produce spring and non-woven by ourselves

Customer Advantage

√ Cooperate with customers all over the world, especially Europe, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia.

Production Advantage

√ R&D department
√ Update products and producing machine every year

Product Advantage

√ Over 300 models can be chosen

Technical Advantage

√ Pocket spring machine: 30 sets
√ Non-woven machine: 2 sets
√ Full-automatic roll packing machine: 1 set
√ Read more in Advantage page

Production Advantage

√ Quick response
√ Professional sales team
√ Satisfactory after-sales service

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

We have professional videos of factory and products to show you more information and our strength.

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More news about our company, as well as the latest products and exhibition information.

How a hybrid mattress can improve the quality of naps

Before talking about how to improve the quality of napping on a hybrid mattress, we first understand the knowledge of the afternoon nap. Sleep is a way for the body to rejuvenate. It is common to rest during the night and wake up in the morning. There is a segment of the population, however, that chooses to take a nap after lunch, whis is a culture of napping. However, not all cultures in all regions of the world are accustomed to taking a nap. On a large scale, it is mainly divided into the Mediterranean circle and the Chinese cultural circle. Explanation of the Mediterranean Circle on the love of napping: It is a natural behavior to reduce physical loss in order to escape from the hottest time of the day in the southern European heat, sleeping is a habit that has continued from Roman times to the present. In Spanish, it comes from the Latin word for the sixth hour, so ancient Rome would stop eating and relax a little at the sixth hour of the day. This time was around 1:00 to 3:00 pm. The other is that Spaniards would have worked two periods of the day, the first from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed by a two-hour break and then from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Chinese

Is A Memory Foam Mattress Good For Sleep?

许多想要睡个好觉的人更喜欢 记忆海绵床垫。记忆海绵床垫被广泛认为是患有背痛、关节痛或只想获得最佳睡眠的人的绝佳选择。 记忆海绵是一种粘弹性材料,可以贴合您的身体形状并提供出色的压力点缓解。当您躺在 记忆海绵床垫上时,它会贴合您的身体轮廓,提供均匀的支撑和缓冲。这可以缓解可能导致疼痛的压力点,让您睡得更好,醒来时感觉神清气爽。 记忆海绵床垫 也因其透气性和温度调节而广受欢迎。与传统床垫不同,记忆海绵具有高度透气性,旨在让您在夜间保持凉爽。这有助于调节体温,这对于热睡的人来说尤为重要。记忆海绵还有助于吸收运动,所以如果你和某人一起睡觉,你不会被他们的动作打扰。 记忆泡沫床垫改善睡眠的方法 记忆海绵床垫 以其卓越的舒适性和支撑性以及耐用性而著称。记忆海绵床采用特殊材料制成,可贴合您的身体轮廓,提供卓越的支撑和舒适感。该材料旨在持续很长时间而不会失去其支撑、形状或质地。 记忆海绵床垫 旨在缓解压力点并改善脊柱排列。这减少了夜间的辗转反侧,从而提高了睡眠质量。该材料还可以吸收和减少运动传递,使其成为同床共枕的情侣的绝佳选择。 该材料还有助于温度调节,这对那些患有盗汗的人来说是有利的。该材料的独特构造有助于保持床垫凉爽和舒适。它还有助于防止尘螨进入,使其成为过敏患者的绝佳选择。 购买 记忆海绵床垫时,应考虑材料的密度。密度越高,支撑力和舒适度就越高。床垫的厚度也很重要,因为它决定了它提供的支撑力和舒适度。 对于背痛的人来说,记忆海绵床垫也是 一个不错的选择。该材料旨在支撑和塑造身体轮廓,非常适合那些在睡觉时需要额外支撑的人。记忆海绵床垫也非常适合与伴侣同床的人,因为它们可以吸收运动。 记忆海绵床垫 提供独特的舒适度和支撑力,因为它们可以在床垫表面均匀分布重量,为您提供整晚的支撑。该材料还可以吸收压力点,带来更舒适的睡眠体验。这对那些正在受苦的人特别有帮助。 因此,如果您想获得最大的投资价值,您应该从知名商店或网上商店购买最好的记忆海绵床垫。

Hybrid Mattress: Keep Your Sleep Cool in the 2023 Summer(10 Suggestions)

Before we talk about how hybrid mattress can keep you sleeping cool in the summer of 2023, let’s talk a little bit about the relationship between sleep and body temperature. Sleep is closely related to changes in body temperature. Humans have a corresponding circadian rhythm for sleep and body temperature. You need to avoid letting your body temperature rise before bedtime. Your body will want to be able to lower it before bedtime as part of the biological clock’s self-regulation, and the human monophasic sleep period tends to begin when the core body temperature drops. If you are a hot sleeper then avoid doing strenuous exercise a few hours before bedtime. Not only will this relax your body, it is also important for your body temperature to drop. If you must exercise, then it is best to choose to jog in the cooler evening hours. The brightness of the light should be reduced before going to bed, although people are now used to brushing their phones before going to bed, but in fact before going to bed should avoid looking at the electronic screen for too long, because at night the human body will secrete melatonin and enter the sleep state. If you have been hyperactive mental state before going to bed, then it is very difficult to enter the

Buy Top Rated Mattress Online, Mattress wholesale in China

SuiLong is the Best soft mattress manufacturers and wholesaler. We endeavor to cater to the necessities of our clients by giving the Best mattress to buy in bulk. We are a leading mattress manufacturing factory in China where you can purchase the Best innerspring mattress at reasonable prices.We are Non woven fabric manufacturer and Mattress wholesale in China and delivering top-notch Non woven material that gives you all the comfort.

Our range of products include

Best soft mattress, Best mattress to buy, Best pillow top mattress, Gel memory foam mattress topper, Best twin mattress, Non woven material, Memory foam mattress in a box, Custom size mattress, Pocket spring, Pocket coils, Latex hybrid mattress, 2000 pocket sprung mattress, Hybrid memory foam mattress, Best king mattress, Luxury mattress, Cooling memory foam mattress, Cooling mattress topper queen, and the Best innerspring mattress in bulk.

Hybrid memory foam mattress

Are you looking for a Hybrid memory foam mattress in bulk? Then, SuiLong is offering the ideal collection of Hybrid memory foam mattress at affordable prices.We are Hybrid memory foam mattress manufacturers and producing top-quality mattresses. Our team of professionals has tested our mattresses. We are testing all our products to maintain the highest quality standards.So, if you want to buy something comfortable and durable at a reasonable cost, then SuiLong is the best company.

Get Ultimate Comfort with Cooling memory foam mattress

Are you wondering about buying a Cooling memory foam mattress in bulk? Cooling memory foam mattress made in China is ideal for you. Cooling memory foam mattress has a ratio of firmness and softness that is supporting buyers want. With a Cooling memory foam mattress, you will always be right.

Best pillow top mattress

The Best pillow top mattress is the one that is providing the complete comfort from any pain or stress. Memory foam mattress in a box made in China combines high resistance foam and memory foam with a pillow. It will provide you great support with the reviving sleep environment.But the Best pillow top mattress in bulk!

Best king mattress

Want to buy the Best king mattress at reasonable prices? Buy the Luxury mattress and Cooling mattress topper queen for experiencing extreme comfort. Then, treat yourself to an incredibly relaxing night’s lay down with Custom size mattress made in China.2000 pocket sprung mattress is ideal for a big room; the extra-large sleeping cushion size is customized to oblige you and your cherished one while never needing space.Buy Best king mattress in bulk today!We accept the comfortable sleep can completely change you. As Gel memory foam mattress topper manufacturer, SuiLong, guarantees just the right items get to your room.

SuiLong is here for you with:

Comfortable mattress and pillows

While purchasing the mattress, comfort is the main feature that you may check. As the main producer, our sleeping cushion can easily fit all body types. In addition, we ensure that the bedding upholds all unique positions.

Premium Quality

We manufacture Latex hybrid mattress with first-rate quality and carry the best components into the table while guaranteeing uttermost consumer loyalty. They are carefully created and adapted for your solace and joy.

Extraordinary Services

Top-quality and reasonable prices are the qualities of SuiLong. We are in the field for many years and have served numerous famous organizations. We expect to expand on this achievement and continue to convey quality items to our clients.Visit SuiLong to experience the real feel of mattress, and afterward, choose what suits you the best, The World Wide Ads. muñecas sexuales de silicona venta de muñecas sexualessex doll torso sex doll
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